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Self Confidence
05th April 2014
Michael Dunlop is a formidable road racer, of that there is no doubt. It seems he's not shy of a bit of self publicity either. He wants to set records apparently ... 6 TT wins in a week and 130mph lap on a 600cc supersport machine. No mean ambitions considering the 2014 TT has seen the highest quality of entries of established stars and upcoming talents for many a year.

To perform at the highest level in any sport you have to have a total belief in yourself and your abilities. This self confidence can sometimes be misunderstood and taken for arrogance. I don't think MD is arrogant but he sure has some hard fast riding to do if he is to realise his stated aims!
Start Numbers
21st March 2014
TT 2014 start numbers have been issued and John McGuinness has reclaimed the honour of being first away down Bray Hill with the No 1 plate. Let's hope news of his recent wrist injury won't affect his usually blistering performance.

Full list of seeded top 20 solo's : 1 - John McGuinness; 2 - James Hillier; 3 - Ian Hutchinson; 4 - Guy Martin; 5 - Bruce Anstey; 6 - Michael Dunlop; 7 - Gary Johnson; 8 - William Dunlop; 9 - Michael Rutter; 10 - Conor Cummins; 11 - Dan Stewart; 12 - Dean Harrison; 13 - Lee Johnston; 14 - Josh Brookes; 15 - Steve Mercer; 16 - David Johnson; 17 - Dan Kneen; 18 - Simon Andrews; 19 - Cameron Donald; 20 - Ben Wylie.
Cameron Donald
19th March 2014
I was worried that Cam Donald was going to be a no-show for TT 2014. Great news then that he's signed a 3 year contract to ride and develop the Norton race bike.

Norton have a very professional set-up and in hiring the talent of 2 time TT winner are obviously serious in their road racing ambitions. If the bike is competitive Cameron will be a front runner for sure and always a very exciting rider to watch. Good luck to them I say!
William Dunlop
11th March 2014
Smart move by Tyco Suzuki to sign up Ballymoney road racer William Dunlop for the 2014 season.

A North West 200 and Ulster Grand Prix race winner, and a stellar performer at the TT.
He's always fast, always stylish and a definite photographers favourite.
Dan Cooper
07th March 2014
Pleased to hear that talented road racer Dan Cooper has secured a good ride with Tsingtao WK Racing.

He's shown real promise on the roads in the last year or two with solid results last TT and a podium in the 2013 350 Classic TT.
Josh Brookes
28th February 2014
It shouldn't really be possible. In fact, if I hadn't witnessed it with my own eyes I would cry foul. To be able to lap the mountain circuit in excess of 127mph is an amazing feat achieved by a select few. To perform at such a pace on your 1st visit to the TT is beyond unfeasible ... it just doesn't happen.

Until of course you factor in the prodigious talent and passion that brought Josh Brookes to try his hand at road racing. I can't tell you how pleased I am that he's back for another crack at the TT in 2014. The event's fastest ever newcomer, in theory, has nothing to prove ... but if last year is anything to go by, I bet he does.
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